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About MetInvest Holdings

We Have 7 Years of Experience.
At MetInvest Holdings, our purpose, to act for human progress by helping them invest in what matters, is central to every action we take as an investment company

As a responsible asset manager, we actively invest for the long-term to help our clients, our people and the world to prosper.
Our conviction-led approach enables us to uncover what we believe to be the best global investment opportunities across alternative and core asset classes. We are already entrusted with more than $860 million in assets.
Built to help smart investors invest smarter.
Now you can diversify outside of the public markets with private real estate, allowing you to reduce risk and improve stability.
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We are a responsible investor Our ambition is to be the world’s leading responsible investor. We have already seen signs that the global economy is starting to move to a more sustainable and equitable model over the next decade, and we will take an active role in powering that transition.
As a committed active investor we are led by our conviction. With fundamental research at the core of our process, our global team seek out and develop the most efficient and robust sources of performance across equities, fixed income, multi-asset, and alternative strategies. We know that with conviction, we advance and best serve the interests of our clients.
Whether our clients are searching for yield in a low yield environment; long term growth through equities or fixed income; diversification of their portfolio to mitigate risks; or a 360 degree approach to real assets investing, at Met Invest holdings. We offer a wide range of investment strategies, ranging from fixed income, equities, multi-asset to alternatives, which deliver sustainable growth through the ever evolving investment cycle.
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We provide financing and advisory services to agribusinesses and their value chains in which farmers and/or biological products are essential: agricultural inputs, farmers, logistics processing and trade, distribution, consumers.

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We support the development of sustainable energy, infrastructure, and technological innovations by financing new projects or expanding existing ones

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Investment Funds

We support the creation and expansion of growth funds in sectors strategic for the region's development.

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And every action we take is borne from our commitment to driving investment performance and meeting our clients’ needs, while also creating positive impact for the global economy, the planet, and the communities in which we live. This sense of responsibility is integral to who we are as a business, and aligns what we do with the values of our clients and our people

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Our automated software helps optimize your investments by doing the work for you

For six years there has been a stable rate of return and value. A perfect balance to a mixed portfolio.

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    Great website with wide range of services. very fast and very reliable. never had problem and im user for 5 years now. thanks for everything

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      Evelyn Bush


      one that you can tell, part from the rest that this one is the real thing. you can even tell by the service and vid rage of products. they going for it, lets support them. thank you

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        Our value creation strategy is intrinsically linked to our business model, spanning the full mining value chain, supported by strategic resources and relationships essential to the effective execution of the business. Our activities create economic value in the regions where we operate through wages and benefits, payments to local contractors and suppliers, and municipal, state and federal taxes. We seek to create sustained value for stakeholders across precious metals cycles, focusing on high potential Cryptocurrency and gold projects that can be developed into low-cost, world-class mines.
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